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Web Access is an online application which allows you to check the status of your order 24/7 as it travels through the plant!  The status of each job is updated in our system each time it travels from one department to another.  With Web Access, you are looking into our database in real-time without having to call Customer Service! 
Can’t remember the name of the job?  Want to know when we received it?  Or when it’s due out?  This is the tool for you.  Just call Customer Service (800.421.3523) the first time to get your user name and password.  Then log in here:


Outstanding Orders for TEST CUSTOMER
 Order #  Reference  Order Date  Due Date  Due Time  Total  Status
 10178 Early Years CDC  12/12/2007  12/12/2007  1:00:00 PM  N/A  SHIPPED
 15830  Happy Child DC  8/5/2008  8/5/2008  2:15:00 PM  N/A  Open
 15831  Smith Wedding  8/5/2008  8/5/2008 2:15:00 PM  N/A  Open
 15832  DC Prom  8/5/2008 8/5/2008  2:15:00 PM  N/A  Ready
Number of Orders: 4          

Please call Customer Service at 1.800.421.3523 for your secured username and password to access your information today.