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 First Run Packages

ABC Packages

Packages from Proofs

This service is ideal for all package orders.

Packages are available in a variety of combinations. (see package formats)

We will process your film and make wallet size proofs (except on first run packages).  We will hold your film at the lab.  After all sales have been made, return your proofs and we will edit and print your packages.
Choose the same unit from every exposure or have us edit your images for best composition and expression.

Orders from long roll split 70mm, and 120/220mm film that require digital prints will be charged a $0.25 per negative scanning fee.





 Reorders Group 

Size Under 10 Over 10
5 x 7 $1.14 $0.56
8 x 10 $2.27 $1.10
10 x 13 $3.78 $1.81
11 x 14 $3.96 $2.16




School Date Procedure

Use Camera Cards at the shoot. Keep Cards in order of shoot. ($10 per hour sorting fee applies) Band or tie the Camera Cards. Use Slates before each class. Anyone belonging to another class should be identified by slate. Indexing is a way to link personal data to image files. We require a text file from the school that contains all the information you need to complete the job. You may submit a comma separated text file or Excel file in shoot order. We will not accept data files out of shoot order unless approved. ($10 per hour sorting fee applies.)

Data CDs

Image only CD


Image only DVD


Yearbook CD withText File

$25.00 plus Data Linking Fee

School Admin CD

$40.00 plus Data Linking Fee

Additional (exact) Copies of any CD

$5.00 each

Data Linking

Data Linking from text file w/file name provided


Data Linking from text file w/info in shoot order


Data Linking from text NOT in shoot order


Data Linking without text file (manual entering)


 Prices are per Image




Wallet Proofs

 “PROOF” Copyright will be on all 2 x 3 proofs. 3 1/2 x 5 and 4 x 5 upon request.

Up to four wallet proofs may be mounted on our standard envelope.

For Standard Wallet Proofs please order WP1


stuffing of proof envelope $0.03

2 x 3 -w/o Tape unmtd. .25
2 x 3 - w/ Tape unmtd. .30
2 x 3 - w/ Tape mtd. .32
3 x 5 -w/o Tape unmtd. .27
3 x 5 -w/ Tape unmtd. .32
4 x 5 -w/o Tape unmtd. .27
4 x 5 -w/ Tape unmtd. .32
5 x 7 -w/o Tape unmtd. .54
5 x 7 -w/ Tape unmtd. .59

                Academy Productions will keep your job information for 60 days. Please submit reorders within 60 days of receiving the original prints. They must be returned in consecutive order with the information clearly legible. If not in sequential order a $10 per hour sort fee applies. Once the initial order is complete, additional orders will be charged as reorders. Negatives have to be cut/ film has to be scanned. CD’s must be submitted with only the images to be printed.

                         DO NOT DISCARD THUMBNAILS

Thumbnails are printed with every digital job. (Thumbnails are not intended as Proofs and can not be ordered as a single product.) Please keep them for your files. Digital reorder information must include the thumbnail number (located beside each image).For digital reorders without the proper identification a $1.02 per image locating fee will apply. Minimum Order $15.00.



Supra Endura  Paper

Metallic Endura Paper 

3 1/2 x 10 split



7 x 10



8 x 10



10 x 13



11 x 14



5 x 19




Large Print

Ink Jet Lustre Paper

16 x 20


16 x 20 mounted


16 x 20 canvas mount


20 x 24 no mounting available


24 x 30 no mounting available 


Price of Mounting 

Size Dry Mount   Canvas Mount
8 x 10 $2.19   $3.85
10 x 13 $2.69   $4.25
11 x 14 $2.69   $7.51
16 x 20 $3.96   $8.35



Miscellaneous Items

Setup Fee (Less than 50 Packages)


Drop Shipping


School Window Bags (8 x 10)


Standard Proof Envelopes


5 x 10 Thumbnail Sheet (Digital)


Splicing Fee (120 or 220 mm Roll)

$1.07 ea.

Edit Fee per Negative/Image


Overlay (To Make)


Additional Labor Charge

Orders requiring extensive image or data manipulation may be subject to an additional labor charge of $50.00 per hour with a one hour minimum charge. Using state-of-the-art digital retouch equipment we can retouch most images ranging from simple blemishes and eyeglass glare to extensive restoration and hand coloring. Once the image is retouched it can be output to true photographic paper or printed as a large format, high resolution ink jet print on a variety of surfaces as indicated below.

Process Only 

120 mm & 35 mm  (24 Exp. Rolls) $2.14
220 mm & 35 mm (36 Exp.Rolls)   $3.75
46 mm (10 ft.minimum)  $0.43 per foot
70 mm (10 ft minimum) $0.64 per foot

Standard Freight Table

C.O.D.Freight Table

$0 to $100 $  9.79 $0 to $100 $22.43
$101 to $300 $16.96 $101 to $300 $25.63
$301 to $500 $20.54 $301 to $500 $29.21
$501 to $750 $24.13 $501 to $750 $32.80
Over $750 $30.81 Over $750 $39.43

These charges will apply to standard shipments ONLY. Large orders (over $1000) that require a second box will be billed $11.55 for open freight or $17.33 for COD freight. Any special shipments such as BUS, FedEx, One, Two or Three Day UPS will be billed for the amount we are charged. An additional $10 handling fee will apply to all BUS shipments. There is a $10.00 charge for drop shipments. There will be a re-shipping charge of $15.00 plus freight charges for packages returned to us. (i.e. not in, no funds, wrong address given.)




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