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Getting started with online order processing from Academy Productions, Inc. is very easy.
We offer you several convenient options for placing your order.  You can mail us your CD/DVD or film, you can upload your images and transfer them over the internet (FTP), or you can place your order using Academy’s ROES online ordering system.

We highly recommend using our ROES software, as it is the most efficient and user friendly method available in the market today!  Just download our online ordering software, ROES to get started right away. 
ROES is a Java based program that is a quick download and takes virtually no space on your hard drive.  It is both PC And Mac compatible.
FTP and ROES clients need to be sure to call ahead for login information at 1.800.421.3523, or fill out a customer information form to receive the necessary account number and password.  Once you have your login information, ordering from Academy becomes quick and efficient.

Download ROES
Academy Productions, Inc., has made it easy to access online ordering. It's as simple as calling us at 1.800.421.3523 or completing our customer information form to obtain an account number and necessary log in information.  Upon receiving your account number and log in information, you can access our online ordering by going to:, click on the ROES icon and follow the easy download instructions. You will find the ROES tutorial very helpful as it will guide you through the basics of the program. Should you experience any difficulties with your set up, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Support Team at 1.800.421.3523.
ROES is our most popular ordering method and once you start using it you will agree that it has many wonderful features that make online ordering a must have option.  It is a template based, drag and drop application that will allow you to crop your images and order products from our entire catalog.
ROES is a secure and streamlined method of file transfer.  You will also receive an email confirmation with an assigned Order Number that can then be tracked online. 

FTP (File Transfer Protocol)
Please call ahead for your Username and Password. FTP will allow you to transfer your images from your computer to our server for easy ordering. (Recommended for large orders)


Choose this option if you are shooting on film, or if you don’t have access to a high speed internet connection.
Mail your film, or burn your order on DVD/CD and mail to:

Academy Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 560488
Charlotte, NC 28256


Please include an Academy Productions, Inc., order form with any specific instructions for your order.  Make sure to include all of your contact and shipping information. Once your job has entered our system, you will be able to track you order through our WebAccess System. Please call today to receive your Username and Password to prevent delays in using our online ordering options.