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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you ship to my client?
Yes, please provide address on promotion order form. You can also fax the information 24 hours prior to shipping date. Please note a $10.00 Drop Ship Fee will be added to your bill, along with you regular freight charges.

2. Can I have my film pushed and pulled?
No, our film processor is a cine type machine.

3. Can you mount my pictures?
Yes, we offer dry mount and canvas mount boards.

4. Do I have to have my pictures printed digitally?
No, we can process your film and print the images the conventional way.
However, many of our special products, like Christmas Cards, are only available through the digital department. Therefore, if you are ordering special prints your film will be scanned and the whole job will be done digitally. We are confident that you will find the final product as good, if not better, than conventional prints. By the way, reordering becomes a breeze, you don’t even have to cut negatives any more.

5. Do I have to card my cut negatives?
All cut negatives need to be placed in a glassine. They do not need to be mounted on a card.

6. What is the largest print that you can produce?
16 X 20 Film
11 X 14 Digital (Seniors only)
10 x 13 Package Printing

7. How does your service schedule work?
Orders arriving before noon will be logged in for that day, any order received after 12 PM will be logged in the following day. Please refer to the production schedule, to find out how many days are allotted for that particular product. Our working days are Monday through Thursday not counting weekends and holidays and days closed due to inclement weather. Holiday closings are posted in the General Information section.

8. Can I order Black & White prints?
Yes, this product is available in our digital department at no extra cost.

9. How long do you keep images on file?
60 days.

10. Can I send my digital files over the Internet?
Yes, please call for an FTP Account, User ID and Password.
We recommend sending large orders in on CD or DVD.

11. How do I get started with your Lab?
Please fill out our check cashing application form completely and send it in with your order or by fax.