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We recommend a high-quality monitor with a Trinitron tube for image balance and submission. We recommend monitors manufactured by  Sony or LaCie. The monitor color should be set to 6500K with all image-viewing in subdued lighting and no fluorescent or direct window lighting hitting the monitor. Set color working space to sRGB.

File Formats
Save files as flattened RGB TIFF's without LZW compression, channel masks or paths or as JPEG's with the least compression (highest quality-12). You may compress files with a WinZip program for FTP transmission. We recommend that you not sharpen your files on your end, and that you use our sharpening tools when submitting files. If you sharpen your images and DO NOT want any sharpening done to the files, you MUST make note of this with your order.

File Size
Set file resolution at 250 dpi for all images up to 30 x 40. Set all canvas sizes to standard print sizes. 2.5x3.5 / 4x5 / 5x5 / 5x7 / 8x10 / 11x14 / 16x20 / 20x24 / 20x30 / 24x30 / 30 x40. Files not sized correctly may cause unwanted cropping of images. Unless requested, we will print the images as submitted.

RPC accepts files from PC or Mac 100 MB Zip cartridges, CD, DVD or through the web via our FTP server. We especially recommend you use our ROES uploading software. If submitting via FTP to your own folder and not through our software, please send an email notifying us of an order. All jobs submitted for scanning will be returned on CD unless you enclose media.

File Naming
For both IBM-PC and Mac formats on CD, DVD or Zip, make sure file names are no more than 8 characters in length which includes the prefix. Use only 8 characters with no spaces. Do not use the characters ~ # or use parentheses in the file name.

Setting Highlights and Shadows
For best highlight-to-shadow detail, set your highlights to RGB 240 - 245 and your shadow value to 5 - 10. If you have further questions with regard to optimizing and calibrating your system, please refer to the monitor calibration procedure on the Calibration CD or our web site.